How The Books are Sold on Kindle

E-books are available on Amazon. You will see the books have a price of $191.99 on Kindle. This is equivalent to 9.991 points of 991.99. The majority of the books are less than $2.20 (point 99). Like all the other online marketplaces, Amazon also gives a lot of importance to the rating that your consumer or your leader gives you; this rating determines the position of your book, and that ranking determines how many books you can sell every day. Now let me just explain this in detail. Assume this book represents someone you care about who has passed away; the price for a used copy is $2.29, and if you scroll down, you will see the ranking. Now that this book’s ranking is 2324, there is software where you can find out how many books this author is selling.

Go to Google… and type “KDP sales calculator” in “KDP sales calculator,” and you will find it; there are many who offer this service. I prefer this one; you click… Now come down here; this is the best-sterilized calculator on the Kindle. Our book ranking is 23 to 4. Entering 23 to 4 reveals that clicking 3 to 4 yields 84 books.

This publisher is now selling 84 books per day at $2 each, which is equivalent to 100 books at $6100 and $68 per day. It’s very boring. a very good number. Now, we know that getting ranked highly on Amazon is not easy; it takes a lot of hard work. You see, these are best-selling books. If we select this one, the price will be $1.99 once again. And if we go down just to see the ranking, it’s 6,734th.

Still, this ranking is very high; Amazon has millions of books, and even if your ranking is less than 10,000, even if it is 15, or 30,000, you will be able to achieve your target. Let us find out how we’ll go to the calculator again. We’ll put in the calculator. 30,000. Suppose you publish a book and your ranking is 30,000, which is too low. But let’s see how it goes; you’ll still need 10 sales to reach your goal of $5000 per year. You need 76 to 7 sales per day. So, even if your ranking is less than 30,000, you will be able to meet that goal if you sell 70 books at a royalty rate of one dollar each.

If your book costs $2.99 or $2.90, your royalty will be 70%, or about $2. So if it is $2 a book, seven books a day, it’s $14 per day. And in a month you will have $40.00 in revenue; simply increase the number of books you publish. There is no limit. And there are other ways you can publish it on KDP Direct as well as KEP. And I will, and I will explain in detail how to have more than one stream to sell your book on Kindle.


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