Simplest Plants to Start from Seed

Start with the most straightforward to produce vegetables that have a wide range of culinary applications when planning your first garden.

It’s never too early to start making plans if you want to plant a garden in the spring. Reading the seed catalogs that many companies will send for free is one of the best methods to “learn as you go.”

Consider beginning with the 10 crops covered below if you’re a novice. All are simple to produce, and this combination opens up a wide range of culinary options. While most of these products are simple to grow from a packet of seeds, some of them are best grown by putting out started seedlings.

1. Radishes: In spite of having poor garden dirt, radishes grow well and take only a few weeks to mature. Sow the seeds in the spring and the autumn.

2. Green salad (lettuce, spinach, arugula, and corn salad): Choose your favorite or experiment with a mix; many businesses offer mixed packets for both summer and winter gardening. You can pick salads almost all year long if you plant the seeds in the spring and autumn.

3. Beans in green. Simple to produce and abundant. They freeze well if you have a large harvest, and they taste great pickled as dilly beans. After all threat of frost has passed, begin planting seeds.

4. Onions: If your plants grow well, you can gather bulb onions after starting with small plants. You can always consume the greens if not.

5. Strawberries that are completely ripe are unbelievably sweet, and the plants are remarkably resilient. In the early spring, buy bare-root perennials. Place this perennial in full light, and keep weeds at bay.

6. Peppers: Bell peppers and hot peppers are both simple to produce. To get a variety of hues and flavors, start with plants and let peppers from the same plant ripen for various amounts of time.

7. This squash is very prolific and won’t take up as much space in your yard as many other varieties. begin with either seedlings or transplants. A bumper harvest won’t require more than a few plants.

8. Tomatillo. When you start with sturdy plants, it’s difficult to go wrong because there is simply no alternative to a perfectly ripe homegrown tomato. If you have a large harvest, think about freezing or canning it.

9. Basil: Basil is an excellent choice because it goes well with tomatoes despite the fact that many herbs are simple to grow. Growing basil from seeds or cuttings is simple.

10. Potatoes: The potato. is a staple that is simple to produce and stores well when kept cool. Potatoes can be planted in straw rather than in dirt for an easy and low-maintenance method. In the early spring, potatoes are marketed as “seeds,” either whole or in cut sections.

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