YouTube Success Model For Passive Income

It is not the only way to make money from your affiliate products. I call it the YouTube success method. like the other methods that I have put into this article. This method also requires no investment. No experience, no technical knowledge No, there is no fixed duty time in this method, and you will use the YouTube platform to advertise your affiliate products and start making money fast. There are many ways to do it. But I will discuss this with you here. There are always two major types of techniques, and as you know, YouTube has hundreds of thousands of videos on every topic you can think of.

And there are many videos with hundreds of thousands of views; all of these views mean targeted traffic, and we will use this targeted traffic to market our affiliate products These YouTube videos with huge views belong to different people who own these YouTube channels; they make videos and upload them to their channels. Many channels have huge followings in the hundreds of thousands. And the two most popular methods are via YouTube. And in the next slide, I’ll show you how to use these YouTube channels to market your affiliate product and start making money quickly.

Now I would like to show you a website that is amazing. It’s called the Sea Engine. Sibi engine provides a list of hot products. Click Bank, which sells well, And most of the affiliates are making good money out of it. You can come to see the engine and then look for these products at one of their schools of health and fitness and then talk to the head coach. That’s where we’ll go for remedies, though. This is one of my favorites because Mahdi’s is something people are looking for. and it’s always in demand. I like to search. With one click, we have all these products that are selling well, but you really need to look for the gravity—you can see the cavities here. One of the blasts has a 51 gravity; you know, OK, we can check Gittin’s high blood pressure. Let us check for fraud. We want to find a good niche that we can market on Just to determine the age, and then we’ll go to the Ju-Ju diabetes.

Find a Specialization

Paul’s diabetes Lukoil has a cavity of 24 JOGA or so and was a devotee of 41 and she died with it. Paul has 25 big diabetes lies. It has a gravity of 94. Well, this looks good. Nice gravity. The prize is also $36; this is out of reach for the majority of the audience, and if the price is too high, you will have fewer customers. So let us see the details of this product. It has a guarantee of 95 percent, so 96 percent commission and 70 percent, and you will see 36.75 percent. It’s not an idea that needs to be brought up so much better. But even though they are really too difficult to sell, we will start with the simple products and then add on. You can, when you become an expert, start with the products that have monthly billing and have a vectoring income Oh, you want a free media link? You can go here and get the affiliate link. Simply enter your image, click back, make them track correctly, and you’ll be offline for the same product; simply select the product that you purchased to click on from here. You go to the broader and get a decent amount here, as well as the link. How to get the link I have explained to my previous readers as well. If we decide to market the diabetic product, now is the time to look for places for you to market it.

Look for the right channel.

We have a lot of videos here on home remedies and in-home remedies. We can’t see that. We’ve decided to treat diabetic diabetes. Here is why we have so many videos on diabetes. Diabetes medicine is the product that we have chosen for them. You see here that it has 2.6 million views 1.6 million views is a lot of views 9790 million views. The first thing you should keep in mind is that we are looking for videos with good bills, not really big news like this. The problem with these messy audiences is that this channel is already getting huge and really demands more money. Except for our marketing space, when we were asked for the marketing space, we would ask for a lot of money. Now we need to look for more great videos with some of these, and they really could be great. So let’s look for fewer people to watch.

This is from health trends four years and four months ago. Now you have 13 thousand two hundred ninety-three. One more thing you need to keep in mind is not to look for these companies. Odinn, a child who died as a result of the body’s natural treatments or childbirth remedy, posted this video. So these are the companies that have their own businesses and have feet. We’re looking for someone who is a person and has uploaded a V-2; that person will be aware of this. Judy al-Qadi is a person of 696 and uses this enormous number when looking for someone with 200 to 250 views. Outside of that, let us go to the next page, page 6, and we have this year or so.

We’d have days of training to complete all that. Mom is on board. 1.7 million (29,000) one year ago. This is again a channel that just left moments ago. OK. All of this would have been done by Dr. Sheldon Chen’s two sons. not a person we need. We only need a diabetic and a good team to check page 5 of the ADA. This was the plan for line 6, which centered on a single mother and someone selling for use when the atom girl was to use less. This is a person who knows. And, without a doubt, mom, this is better because she is not alone with 59000 views. OK, this person has two hundred and twenty thousand subscribers. He is quite a good chap, and it is a different way to go, which has just proven to you that his idea must be a good one. person to contact.

Make an offer and start

We discovered four potential marketing channels. What you do Here it is. Now you go to about, and once you’re here, you come to send a message. OK. Now you have to send him a message saying you are looking for a place to market your affiliate products, or you ask him if he wants to sell the channel because he has a good number of viewers, so for sure there are 50, 60, 100, or even 200 people visiting his videos every day. And from these visitors, one or a few, or five or 10 people, can click your link and go to the landing page of your affiliate product, where they can buy. And this is an incredible trick and technique for marketing your product to as many people as possible. It’s easy when you send him a good message.

I’ll give you a simple message here. Reach says Hi my name is. Um, I was wondering if you would like to make some extra money renting your YouTube space for my marketing product. I have good products for the consumer. And if you can put my product link in your video description, I can page you on the clip, and if you are willing to send your YouTube channel, we can certainly discuss that as well. This gentleman has four sons. I can send money straight away to you and Tom’s the pay part. waiting for Joe Klein to apply. It is very important that you tell him this is a genuine offer in other ways. Most people think that it’s someone contacting me, and maybe it’s spam or something. Treyc, be gentle and send a gentle and straight massage. C completely gives the complete and of four. So the other person can make up their mind. You can just click send, and this message will go up. Don’t do that right now, because this is not planned to be sent into any space from this person right now.

So this is where you just click “send” and then the message will go. And this is how you can reach the people you have. He has a very good number of subscribers and huge views here. If he is low in one or two of his videos, your name will be a very good traffic source for you. You can be on a weekly basis when it comes to payment. It’s different; it’s negotiating, and you work with the person. But I can say it can be somewhere around $100 a month. It can be $100 a week. It depends on how much traffic that person has and how much he is asking for. But don’t pay too much because paying more than 30 to 40 dollars a week is not feasible. And if it’s too much stay in the range of 20-25 dollars in a Veeck max 30 dollars of income in that.

This is one of them. So when you start implementing these techniques, you do them in parallel. So they keep Dave together because this will take a little time to develop, and it will take a little time to start getting these. but it’s one of the amazing tricks. You just need to look for the right thing to do to churn those; you just need to look for the finish. You were working on the book for the first time when you studied an issue that you wanted to watch. Katie did so many different nice finishes in indifference see you go to Colby. It will be so many nights. See. See here 150000 3000 views. You choose your product wisely. Click Bank and do a market search about it and then you start a new look for the product and potential people to market to see. This is amazing in how you have 6.2 million, 3.7 million, and 7.5 million views. Now, this is extraordinary. You do some market research and choose a nice product, Ante-Nicene, and then look for the relevant YouTube channels and ask them. You will certainly make good money out of it.

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