Gadgets that Resell Well on eBay and Amazon

High-end electronics are not the only items that can be sold on eBay and Amazon. Smaller electronics and gadgets can also be resold for some good profits. These items are often easier to find in thrift stores and won’t cost as much as higher-end electronics. However, just like the other electronic items, you must be careful about their condition and pricing. Here are some examples of small electronics and gadgets that can be sold on the internet for a decent profit.

Wireless Routers 

Any wireless router can be resold for a profit. Since buying a new router is expensive, people often turn to eBay and Amazon for better prices. Knowing this, when you find an active router at a thrift store, know that someone out there is looking for a deal on one and might not think to go thrift shopping themselves. 

GPS Systems 

GPS systems are becoming increasingly popular since people tend to go more places and need directions. It can be challenging to find a good GPS, but if you do, you can easily resell it to someone looking for that gadget for a great deal! 

The GoPro 

Fitness has reached new heights with new devices that can track and record your activity levels. GoPros have gained much popularity because they can capture stunning videos while using them hands-free. Given the high cost of these devices, people will purchase them if they can find a good deal online. 

Players for DVD and Blu-ray

 When they are of good quality and a reputable brand, used DVD and Blu-ray players are in high demand. Anyone can purchase a new DVD player for a reasonable price. Still, a player from a reputable brand in good working order will almost certainly sell more quickly when resold online.

iPhone and iPad adapters 

Wall chargers and car chargers for Apple devices make excellent items to resell online because the majority of Apple devices only come with the cord that plugs into your computer. Since Apple is such a premium brand, new adapters and chargers from them are frequently pricey. 

Playing records 

It makes sense that since old record players are popular among collectors, records would be as well. However, it would help if you guaranteed they are in good working order. Make sure to disclose any flaws in the item’s listing if you try to resell one with them. Most people don’t want to purchase defective goods. 

Electronic recorders 

Digital recorders can be purchased cheaply and then resold online for more money. These devices are popular among students and others because they allow them to record lectures without taking copious notes. 

Music Players 

As was already said, iPods and other MP3 players are often sold online, even if broken. People frequently buy damaged MP3 players to get the parts they need to repair another player. Depending on the brand and storage capacity, these could be worth a lot of money. 

Auto Electronics  

Car speakers and radios sell well online if they are of a quality brand. You need to know which car electronics brands are top-notch to make a good investment when you see them sold at thrift stores. 

Accessories for Popular Electronics 

Accessories for cell phones and other electronics sell very well online. The better the condition and the brand name, the better the price you can resell. This can include headphones, microphones, webcams, and other computer accessories. 

Surveillance Equipment 

With safety being a concern for many families, surveillance equipment has become a hot item to be bought online. From cameras to keypads to set alarms in homes, people want to feel safe and look for the equipment to do so. 

Cable Alternative Devices 

In the past year or so, Amazon and other online companies have devised ways to get premium programming without going through a cable company. Many of these sticks will plug into your television and work with your internet connection.


High-end headphones will sell well online because it is less expensive to purchase them online rather than to buy them new. Please familiarize yourself with the top brands and look for them when shopping. 

DVDs and Blue Ray Discs 

With the prices of new discs rising in stores, people will seek out their movies on used discs. Depending upon the movie, its rarity, and its popularity, you can profit by reselling these online. Thrift stores price them all the same, so they don’t consider the discs’ titles or condition. 

Power Tools 

Name-brand power tools can be easily bought and resold if in good condition. Know what the top-selling brands are and what models sell the best. When people buy used power tools, they look for newer models, so if it looks older, it’s probably not going to sell well. 


Top-brand printers and printer accessories are good to resell online. However, you must make sure that they are in good working order. People tend to look for top-selling brands, so be aware of this when looking at these. The lower-level brands can be bought at low prices, so many people will buy them new. Don t waste your money on a cheap printer that you won’t be able to resell. 

Photo Printers 

People like to print their photos from the comfort of their homes, so photo printers have become increasingly popular. These, too, can be pricey if purchased new, so people look for good quality used ones online. 

Computer Software 

Used and new computer software can be sold online as long as they are not outdated and the discs are in good condition. You also want to be aware that you’re looking for the more popular software, not the stuff that no one has heard of. 

Vacuum Cleaners 

Top-name vacuum cleaners are also great sellers online as they are very expensive if bought at a retailer. Look for the top brands and ensure they operate well before reselling them. 

Kitchen Appliances 

Kitchen Appliances 

Small kitchen appliances such as blenders, microwaves, toaster ovens, and food processors are in high demand, and people will search for and buy them online. Small gadgets and electronics can be great sellers if they are priced right for the buyer and are in decent condition. People often turn to eBay and Amazon because they can find what they are looking for at a reduced price. Even if the item is used, they are still getting a bargain and are happy not to have to pay full price. Keep this in mind while shopping for items to resell online. Think as a buyer would, and you will find that you’re buying items that can easily be resold.


A: No, not yet. At the moment, eBay has stated that if they receive a demand for information. They will honor it (as will PayPal), but no such subpoena has ever been issued to my knowledge. On its website,  the IRS provides an interesting discussion of this topic (go to the home page and type "online auction" into the site's search engine).

Whether or not it is reported to the IRS by another party, if you have gain or profit from selling on eBay, you are obligated to record it as income and pay income taxes on it. The IRS has prepared a new version of Form 1099-MISC.

And wants to require eBay to give it to you if you have more than one hundred sales or more than $5,000 in auction bids during the calendar year when this book goes to press. This could change by the time this book is published. For more up-to-date informatio. See your accountant or tax consultant, or visit the IRS website.

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